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About Bridgestone Software

About Bridgestone Software

Our company was established in April 1986 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation. Since our foundation, as the only information system specialist company in the Bridgestone Group, we have contributed to the enhancement of corporate value, business efficiency, and establishment of competitive advantages of each group company through the use of IT.
Bridgestone has established a vision: "Toward 2050, Bridgestone continues to provide social value and customer value as a sustainable solutions company."To realize this, each group company is focusing on digital transformation (DX). Therefore, as a group of IT specialists, we are committed to challenging even difficult issues and proposing business transformations utilizing IT.

Our Essential Values

The Bridgestone Group has a mission of "Serving Society with Superior Quality," and naturally, as a part of the group, we are expected to carry out corporate activities to achieve this mission.
In this context, our company places "human resources" first, focusing on personnel development by providing a variety of training opportunities and ample practical experiences according to individual abilities. We have been working to create an environment where each employee can work as an IT professional in their own way. Recently, many of our members have grown as IT professionals by participating in one of the largest projects in our history. Another characteristic and valued aspect of our culture is that we have a diverse team of members working together across races and genders.
By supporting the skill improvement of all employees and enhancing our organizational and comprehensive capabilities, we will not only improve the business efficiency of each Bridgestone Group company, but also support the creation of new business models and innovation.

Our Essential Values

Bridgestone software: Powering your journey with cutting-edge technology.

Bridgestone software: Powering your journey with cutting-edge technology.

The environment surrounding the Bridgestone Group is undergoing rapid changes due to various factors such as technological advancements, globalization, and shifts in values. In such a dynamic environment, what is required of us is not only to ensure the stable operation of systems that support the foundation of our business, but also to proactively drive business transformation using IT, in collaboration with our group companies, with a future-oriented perspective. We believe it is crucial to 'enhance our sensitivity to changes,' 'to continuously learn proactively,' and 'to pursue the essence of things without being constrained by preconceptions'
Leveraging our strength, which is the knowledge and experience of the Bridgestone Group's information systems, we will contribute to group transformation while utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, AI, and cybersecurity measures.

PresidentMasayuki Takahashi

  • Vision 01

    Through cooperation with the IT Department and the Operation Department of Bridgestone, we leverage new IT starting from digital strategies to propose ideas directly linked to business, as well as to make workstyle innovation possible.

  • Vision 02

    As the only IT service provider in the Group, Bridgestone Software offers highly reliable and safe infrastructure, and standardizes and communalizes the application architecture within the Group to offer high-quality IT services.

  • Vision 03

    Bridgestone Software keeps close tabs on the overall optimization of the Group on a global scale to propose ideas for planning, development, and maintenance as a unit that takes customers’ ideas into consideration and carries out decision-making based on verified, on-site observations.

  • Vision 04

    Based on lean and strategic manufacturing, Bridgestone Software aims to reinforce the corporate strength of the Group. It also promotes the utilization of near-shore sourcing to reduce costs and the standardization of development to help optimize the Group’s IT cost structure.

Job Opportunities

Bridgestone Software is recruiting new staff to join our team.