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Corporate Profile

As the Bridgestone Group's only specialist information systems company,
Bridgestone Software contributes to making business innovation possible for each group company through IT.


Corporate Philosophy of the Bridgestone Group

To fulfill the Bridgestone Group's mission of Serving Society with Superior Quality, the Bridgestone Group commits itself to achieving the four elements of the foundation: "Seijitsu-Kyocho : Integrity and Teamwork","Shinshuu-Dokuso : Creative Pioneering", "Genbutsu-Genba: Decision-Making Based on Verified, On-Site Observations", and "Jukuryo-Danko : Decisive Action after Thorough Planning" to demonstrate the sustained commitment of its employees.




Management Message

Bridgestone Software aim to develop Bridgestone Group companies by supporting the creation of new business models and innovation through IT.


Company Profile

An introduction of Bridgestone Software’s overview, organization chart, access information, acquired certifications and licenses, and other basic information.

Company Profile

Job Opportunities

Bridgestone Software is recruiting new staff to join our team.