Project 04

Hybrid cloud architecture implementation

Supporting the growing business with cloud technology.

「BSJ Cloud」 is a cloud service launched within the Bridgestone Group from September 2019. We asked three project members about the stories behind the development of BSJ Cloud, as well as what will change with cloud adoption.

Project Member

  • K.K.


    Joined in 2003. Platform Management Department

    After joining the company, K.K. was involved in the administration operations of Bridgestone Group software and servers. After having experienced the construction and provision of virtualization infrastructure, he currently oversees the construction and management of BSJ Cloud based on external cloud systems.

  • A.S.


    Joined in 2016. Platform Management Department

    A.S. was engaged in the management and operation of on-premise virtualization infrastructure, B-hearts, at the Platform Management Department. She currently takes charge of the construction of BSJ Cloud and operation management tasks.

  • K.T.


    Joined in 2011. Digital Innovation Promotion Department

    After joining the company in 2011, K.T. was involved in operations related to tire design systems. In 2017, he was transferred to the current Digital Innovation Promotion Department to be in charge of operations related to censor data, AI, and cloud technology.

Theme 01

Creating a cloud service that can be utilized by the entire group.

On-premise operations require installing and operating information systems internally, such as servers. The Bridgestone Group adopted this operation for many years. However, in today’s fast-changing business climate, it became difficult to realize the speed, expandability, new technology introduction, data linkage with external systems and data for implementing the necessary systems in the on-site environment. To solve this problem, we looked at using cloud services that have become mainstream worldwide, with their excellent promptness and flexibility. Project member A.S. told us, “We were already utilizing cloud services within the group, but group companies and departments had to arrange their own system on the existing cloud individually. That is why this project was launched, with the goal of offering an official cloud service to be utilized by the entire Bridgestone Group.”

Theme 02

How to respond to the untapped cloud environment

Because the members did not have any experience in constructing a cloud system, we started the project as we blindly searched for solutions. Project leader K.K. said, “We especially felt that lack of knowledge was a major challenge. As we proceeded with the project, we researched what we did not know and what we were lacking to design the system. We are still learning by trial and error as we share hardships.” Even K.T., who was previously involved with the development of Web systems and applications, had trouble understanding the differences between the on-premise environment and the cloud environment. “On-premise and cloud are totally different when it comes to the method of system architecture,” he continues. Since the system placed in the cloud did not work sometimes, he told us that he investigated the cause with great difficulty. “Also, we need to know about networks and security to build a cloud environment. I feel that the acquisition of knowhow in these areas is our future assignment.”

Theme 03

“Let’s just give it a try” becomes the power

K.K. told us that there were other hardships in balancing security and convenience. “Security is guaranteed from the beginning for on-site proposals. In contrast, because cloud services can be accessed from anywhere, it carries a security risk if security is not considered. Yet, the value of cloud services is the convenience of accessing from anywhere. we will aim higher to ensure a good balance between security and convenience. On the other hand, “I felt I grew because we took on numerous difficulties,” continues A.S., “The system went live in September 2019, but because we began defining requirements by early 2019, we were able to get to the project quite fast,” mentioning the process before going live. In addition, “Although we were clueless in many ways, we worked hard with the spirit of ’let’s just give it a try.’ We were very encouraged when we could solve a problem on our own.”

Theme 04

The evolution of cloud technology drives evolution in business.

K.T. passionately told us about their future goal, “It will be ideal to build a cloud system that operates as smoothly as on-premise systems.” What A.S. envisions is an effective utilization data, accumulated by the Bridgestone Group. “While we pay due consideration to security, our goal is to provide an environment where they can efficiently use and utilize various types of data scattered throughout the company. K.K. has set the goal of expanding cloud operations. “Cloud computing will be increasingly utilized in all of society in the days to come. We want to continue to be involved in cloud operations to ensure that the BSJ Cloud is useful in the business development of Bridgestone Group.” The operation of BSJ Cloud has just begun. The system will continue to evolve in line with the times and needs.


The job lets you take on new challenges.

Knowledge and skills learned in school, most valuable thing is to have the motivation to willingly try anything. There will be difficulties one after another, especially on work sites for business, but even in such a situation, I want to work with people who can look on the bright side and say, “Let’s just give it a try.” Also, since our company could contact cutting-edge IT technology on a regular basis, the environment is good for those with an inquiring mind for something new.