About us

Bridgestone Software drives the success of the Bridgestone Group.

Under the mission established by the founder of Bridgestone,
Serving Society with Superior Quality, Bridgestone Software strives to drive the fast-changing business as the IT core of the entire Bridgestone Group.
  • Vision 01

    Based on collaboration with the IT Division and the Business Division of Bridgestone,
    we make a proposals that are directly connected to business and realize work style changes by utilizing new IT technologies starting with digital strategies.

  • Vision 02

    As the only IT service provider in the Group, Bridgestone Software offers a highly reliable and safe infrastructure, as well as having standardized and communalized the application architecture within the Group to offer high-quality IT services.

  • Vision 03

    Bridgestone Software always keep the global optimization of the Group, make proposals that are integrated in planning, development, and maintenance with a customer-oriented attitude and consciousness of the "Genbutsu-Genba (Decision-Making Based on Verified, On-Site Observations), and implement them speedily.

  • Vision 04

    Based on lean and strategic, Bridgestone Software aims to reinforce the internal structure of the company. It also promotes the utilization of near-shore sourcing to reduce the costs and standardization of development to contribute the optimize of the the Group’s IT cost structure.

Mission of Bridgestone Software

Bridgestone Software implements th infrastructure, applications,
and data indispensable to the operations of the Bridgestone Group, with our mission to reinforce the strengths of


We develop and operate systems for supporting core operations of the Bridgestone Group.


We develop and maintain the infrastructure essential for the foundation of the Bridgestone ’Group’s’ business to improve operational efficiency and business performance.


We discover new seeds of technology in the fast-changing IT industry to offer IT solutions to the Bridgestone Group.

Strength of Bridgestone Software

Established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation, boasting the largest share in the tire market in the world, Bridgestone Software is the only company specializing in information systems in the Bridgestone Group.
The company offers IT support to the business of the Bridgestone Group, offering a diverse range of products around the world.



With 33 overseas factories and 13 factories in Japan, our roles include the implementation of a production control system for overseas factories, the development of a tire production planning system, the development of a next-generation production control system for tire factories, and the implementation of actual production data collection and visualization.




South America











One-stop service

Bridgestone Software offers comprehensive services from the development of business systems and the implementation of infrastructure and networks, to the maintenance and operations of a system.
In addition, we have a strong and trusting relationship within the Bridgestone Group by making full use of the expertise gained from system maintenance and operations, which lead to the planning of the next system, infrastructure, and network.

  • “Development of business systems”

    The systems are built using IT technology to improve and optimize operational efficiency and to realize new operations.

    “Implementation of infrastructure and network”

    We are responsible for purchasing and installing computers and network equipment, wiring, and the introduction and setup of software to operate an information system, creating an infrastructure where all of these devices operate integrally.
  • “System maintenance”

    To ensure the stable operation of the system we built, we apply changes and improvements to the system, system renewal, and tune-up.

    “System operation”

    In addition to the management of resources to grasp the status of computer resources used and periodic maintenance, we ensure a swift recovery and prevent reoccurrences in the case of a system failure.


Overwhelming capabilities for system proposal

Conventionally, the main job of IT engineers is to make improvements after customers experience problems. However, to respond to rapidly changing business needs, we propose from the planning phase a system to bring new value to the business of the Bridgestone Group.



IT Engineer



IT Solution Engineer