Information about the hiring of new graduates

This page offers information about the hiring of new graduates. Please check the details and apply from the Entry button at the bottom of the page.

Message from recruitment manager

As the only IT company in Bridgestone Group, we support the global operation of group companies, and we consider human resources as the most important management resource. Our particular focus is on communications skills based on logical thinking and documentation skills to create explanatory materials for a system in an easy-to-understand manner. Having the ability to carefully explain system architectures and processing that users cannot see, so that projects can proceed after obtaining sufficient agreement, is more important than having technical capabilities in IT. Our operations range widely from business strategies for group companies to innovations, solution business, globalization, and digitalization. We await your application if you are willing to contribute to society as an IT engineer through the development and growth of the entire group.

Miki Tochimoto, General Manager of the Planning & Administration Department


Job position IT engineer
Contract Type Full-time
Work description System development and the provision of infrastructure services according to the needs of each subsidiary of the Bridgestone Group inside and outside of Japan, as well activities to promote IT with an eye toward the future.
Number of people accepted About 15 people
Qualification requirements
  • ・People who are expected to graduate from an undergraduate course or a technical college or complete a master’s program in March 2025.
  • ・People who have graduated from a school as listed above after March 2023, and wish to apply under the framework equivalent to new prospective graduates,
Eligible majors All departments and faculties regardless of whether a liberal arts major or a science major.
Documents to submit Academic transcript
Starting salary Master’s degree holder: JPY 246,600 for employees with a master’s degree.
University graduates: JPY 235,000
Technical college graduates: JPY 220,000
*Results from April 2022.
Benefits Overtime allowance, housing allowance, commuting allowance, telework allowance, etc.
Pay raise Once yearly (April)
Bonuses Twice yearly (June and December)
Holiday and leave A five-day workweek with two days off (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. Work on Saturdays several times a year.) Annual holidays: 120 days (including New Year’s holidays and summer holidays), annual paid leave, special leave for weddings and funerals, maternity leave, childcare leave, family support leave, nursing care leave, caregiving leave, refreshment leave, volunteer leave, etc.
Insurance Medical insurance, employee pension, unemployment insurance, and workers' accident compensation insurance are offered.
Work hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (base hours), Standard work hours: 7.5 hours
Flexible work hours, reduced work hours, teleworking, summertime and other
Work location Head office (Kodaira, Tokyo)
Kyushu Branch: Kurume, Fukuoka
How to apply Please apply from My Page. Click here to apply.
For inquiries New Graduate Personnel Recruitment, Bridgestone Software Co., Ltd.,

Tel: +81-42-342-6345


Screening process

  • 01Submit by clicking the Entry button.Input the inquiry form. Our recruiter will contact you after confirmation.
  • 02Aptitude testAn aptitude test will be conducted online. Applicants will receive information on how to take the test with a letter of acceptance or rejection.
  • 03Individual
    interview(Will be held twice)
    Applicants will have an individual interview with two interviewers.
  • 04Informal job offerApplicants will receive an informal job offer in a letter of acceptance. After that, written consent must be submitted.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still apply for a system engineer position even though I majored in liberal arts?

-Even though you majored in liberal arts, you are welcome to apply because we will consider hiring students regardless of department and faculty. Students from various departments and faculties join our company each year. The proportion of employees that majored in liberal arts and those that majored in science studies is fifty-fifty. Many system engineers who majored in liberal arts succeed in our company.

Do you accept applications from international -students from other countries?

We accept applications from anyone regardless of nationality because we value personality. International students from other countries are welcome to apply. (We have hired international students in the past.)

What are the average overtime hours?

The average overtime hours are about 25 hours depending on the season and person. Because our account closing months are June and December, they are busy months. After the peak busy season, some employees work overtime for less than ten hours a month. In addition, every Wednesday and Friday are set as no-overtime days. Announcements are made to create an atmosphere where employees can feel they can freely leave the office.

How will the company determine the department to be assigned?

During the orientation for new employees, we look at each employee’s characteristics and aptitude to decide where to assign them based on personnel plans. We offer an environment where anyone can play an active part comfortably in any assigned department. In addition, all employees will be given an opportunity once a year to request a transfer to a different department to support their career advancement for the future.

Can I request materials?

Please note that we do not respond to requests to send materials. However, our company brochures distributed at job seminars are available from our website. *Our company brochure is currently under production.

What is the percentage of women among those hired in the past?

The percentage of women varies by year because we do not hire employees based on gender. Shown below are the results of hiring women in recent years.
[The percentage of women] 2021: 50.0% 2022: 54.0% 2023: 65.0%

Are there any credentials I should obtain beforehand?

With the aim of the early acquisition of credentials, such as Fundamental Information Technology Engineering credentials after joining the company, new employees are offered support from the time of receiving the official job offer.
We also encourage employees to try for other credentials.

What level of English proficiency is required?

The Bridgestone Group is expanding globally, and we believe that employees will see more opportunities to use English in their day-to-day work in the days to come. Even though you are not confident in your English skills now, we welcome you if you are willing to improve your skills or want to use English in day-to-day work. In addition, beside applicants’ language proficiency, a broad range of skills and human qualities are used to determine hiring in a comprehensive manner.

Are there dormitories for single employees and corporate housing?

The company rents properties in the vicinity to offer as a dormitory for single employees. The rent amount is about JPY 12,000 monthly. Although we do not offer corporate housing, a housing allowance is offered to eligible employees.
*The residents of dormitories for single employees must meet certain conditions.

Are there sports and hobby clubs?

The company has several sports and hobby clubs where employees can interact regardless of department and age.
[Official club activities] Tennis, basketball, golf, running, soccer, baseball, walking, fishing, equestrianism, etc.

Are there support systems to allow employees to keep a good balance between work and raising children?

Bridgestone Software proactively supports employees in balancing work and raising children.
For example, employees can take maternity leave and use reduced working hours until their child reaches the age of starting junior high school. There are also kindergartens for the employees of the Bridgestone Group in the vicinity of the company. In addition, teleworking has been also utilized as a new initiative to encourage a more flexible workstyle from wherever you are.