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Internship Message

Bridgestone Software has been supporting Bridgestone’s business.

IT has become an essential part of our lives. We are always working on new challenges as a supporting partner for Bridgestone to achieve Dan-Totsu.

This internship program offers an opportunity to see how IT can change the movement of people and things, while also experiencing the fun of being a central player. In addition, although interns may find it difficult to solve problems at times, these experiences not only become beneficial in job hunting but also for one’s future career.

Bridgestone Software is seeking people with dreams and the ability to act, who can lead the next era on their own initiative. If you want to take a new step forward, how about joining together with us in a field called business?


Program features

  • The program is designed to deepen the knowledge of IT.

    IT is becoming an essential part of our lives. The program offers an opportunity to acquire knowledge from a business perspective to learn more about IT that will be increasingly utilized in all sectors in the days to come.

  • Interns can experience working at a global company.

    The program teaches the fun and challenges of doing business abroad, which can only be experienced at a Japanese company that has made advances into overseas markets.

  • Interns can experience our proposal capabilities for solving problems.

    As we push forward with our business, there are days when we face problems. These problems can be apparent or latent. Interns can experience our proposal capabilities for solving these problems and what they are all about.

Program details


Experience the "now" working style of IT engineers Online internship


As an IT engineer of Bridgestone Software, this is a program to experience the work of "requirement definition" to confirm what the customer wants to do. Participants will have a realistic work experience by discussing with each other through group work and considering the content of the proposal.

The flow of
the internship

  • Learn about IT and the company
  • Preparing for hearing as a team
  • Hearing with customers
  • Analysis and proposal preparation
  • Presentation


It takes about 3 hours.
Please check my page for details.


Voices of students who participated in the workshop

  • Voice

    Although I used to think IT engineers only designed and developed systems, I find it attractive that they can also propose and communicate ideas.

  • Voice

    Their talk about "being involved in the creation of worldwide value" was very impressive.

  • Voice

    I thought it was good that employees are given an opportunity to try a diverse array of operations within the one company.

  • Voice

    Their talk about being involved in both the upstream and the downstream processes of system development was impressive.

  • Voice

    I became more interested in Bridgestone Software after experiencing a workshop close to actual operation.

  • Voice

    I was impressed by the words, “It is too late to move after being asked. We must be able to drive a project on our own.”

  • Voice

    It helped me understand what Bridgestone Software does because I was able to learn as if I were actually a part of the company.

  • Voice

    I thought an IT company’s internship program would be a programming workshop or something, but it helped me to better learn about their works.



Places Conducted online
Qualification requirements People who are currently attending a four-year university, graduate school, or a technical college.
Number of interns accepted About 10 people
Compensation Not provided
Transportation and accommodation costs Not provided
How to apply Click on the Entry button to register for My Page to apply for the program. After that, we will contact you with details on My Page. Be sure to check back.
Date Please check my page for details