The employees at Bridgestone Software work with cheerful, fun,
and positive attitudes to make people’s lives more fulfilling.

Until our system is delivered into the hands of our customers, each employee always pictures the customers’ smiles and works with excitement.
Bridgestone Software’s "Monozukuri (making thins)" begins with all the effort we make from development and continues all the way through to our customers’ utilization after delivery.
We will continue to challenge ourselves today and in the future to become the "Monozukuri" company that customers continue to choose.

The systems supporting Bridgestone’s core business consist of the Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) systems, such as product planning and tire design; Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems, such as production, logistics, and sales; and the management and common operations systems, such as finance, accounting, and procurement. Bridgestone Software develops and operates all of these systems.

  • IT engineer

    IT engineers develop and operate a system for supporting the planning, design, and production of tires; a system for supporting production, sales, inventory control, and logistics; and a system for supporting finance, accounting, procurement, human resources, labor affairs and other operations.

  • Project manager & Leader

    As the person responsible for a project, project managers and leaders create overall project plans, such as the requirement definition, budgeting, and schedule management. They also need to have good communication skills to drive a project with members.


To support the foundation of the Bridgestone Group’s business, the infrastructure sector offer a one-stop-service for the management, and operation of the IT infrastructure, as well as the management of terminals and the email system. By leveraging our advanced knowledge of IT, which allows us to offer high-quality operation of infrastructure networks, as well as the maintenance and management of servers and systems, we strive to improve operational efficiency and the business performance of all group companies.

  • Server construction and management

    Bridgestone Software constructs, manages, and operates the server equipment that is fundamental to the Bridgestone Group’s operations. We also set up server software, implement emergency and preventive measures against system failures, and implement security measures and execute other wide-ranging operations.

  • Security management

    Bridgestone Software is in charge of designing, implementation, and operating systems designed with information security in mind. We also conduct investigations and implement improvements to block cyberattacks beforehand.

  • Network construction and management

    Bridgestone Software is in charge of constructing and operating high-quality networks connecting Bridgestone and group companies. We provide a high-speed and secure network, even for key hubs and R&D centers outside of Japan.


Through investigation and consideration of cutting-edge technologies in the IT industry, as well as through good judgment, the digital innovation promotion project aims to discover new seeds for technology that will accelerate operational and sales support. We are also taking a proactive approach to strengthening the group’s capabilities for architecture that corresponds to a new field requiring high-speed development and continuous delivery, called Mode 2 and SoE (System of Engagement), as well as development technology, the introduction of process and data engineering. Another key role is to improve the standard development template for system development and training. The development template allows us to improve efficiency and speed up the system development process.

  • Data engineer

    Data engineers utilize digital operations and digital information to help companies transform their operations to create new value that was never possible before.

  • Cloud engineer

    Cloud engineers accurately connect diversifying cloud services to promptly offer systems directly linked to business. They are required to have overall expertise in infrastructure, application development, and networks.