Information about employment opportunities for people with disabilities

We are currently recruiting IT engineers.
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Voice 活躍する社員の声

Voice of an employee who plays an active part

Although I have a disability in my arm, I wanted to work in the IT industry because I thought I could play an active part using a computer just like other employees. The decisive factors in joining Bridgestone Software are that the company offers many educational opportunities inside and outside the company and substantial employee benefits. I joined the General Affairs Division in 2012 to be in charge of payroll calculations and procedures for social insurance. Since 2017, I have also been overseeing labor-related affairs, such as attendance counting and procedures for severance allowance. At work, I make sure to eliminate mistakes and make ingenious attempts to create a flow to reduce the burden of both General Affairs and employees to make improvements. The company gives each employee the discretionary power to have a sense of reward, enjoyment, and a sense of accomplishment when producing the desired outcomes. It has helped me achieve the goal I made when I entered the company, which is to have an area of expertise.

Y.H., Planning Administration Department


Our efforts

Our initiatives in creating a work environment where people with disabilities can work comfortably are introduced here.

  • Installation location of IC card readers

    Installation location of IC card readers

    By installing IC card readers 80 cm above the floor, wheelchair users can also access the reader easily.

  • Installation of multipurpose restrooms

    Installation of multipurpose restrooms

    Our head office in Kodaira is equipped with multipurpose restrooms with wheelchair accessibility.

  • Elevators


    The elevators have easy-to-press button arrangements with handrails and other features to ensure the safety and convenience of wheelchair users.


Job position IT engineer
Contract Type Contract-based (May be given a chance to be hired as a full-time employee)
Work description System development and the provision of infrastructure services according to the needs of each subsidiary of the Bridgestone Group inside and outside of Japan, as well the activities to promote IT with an eye toward the future.
Number of people accepted A few Qualification requirements: People with a disability certificate.
Documents to submit Resume, curriculum vitae, and a copy of the disability certificate.
Screening method Interview, aptitude test, written test
Salary JPY 1,220 hourly and up.
*Salary will be determined based on age, experience, skills, etc.
Other benefits Overtime allowance, commuting allowance, etc.
*Overtime work is subject to negotiation.
Holiday and leave A five-day workweek with two days off (Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. Work on Saturdays several times a year.) Annual holidays: 120 days (including New Year’s holidays and summer holidays), annual paid leave, special leave for weddings and funerals, maternity leave, childcare leave, family support leave, nursing care leave, caregiving leave, refreshment leave, volunteer leave, etc.
Insurance Medical insurance, employee pension, unemployment insurance, and workers' accident compensation insurance are offered.
Work hours 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (base hours), Standard work hours: 7.5 hours
Flexible work hours, reduced work hours, teleworking, summertime and other systems are available.
Work location: Head office (Kodaira, Tokyo)
*Might be transferred to other offices within Japan in the future.
Facilities Elevators, multipurpose restrooms, staircase rails, barrier-free design, etc.
Past results Upper limb (severe): System engineer (System development)
Impaired vision (slight): System engineer (Infrastructure services)
Upper limb (severe): Office work (Labor-related)
Upper and lower limb (sight): Office work (Accounting)
Contact person for recruitment Bridgestone Ogawa Station Bldg.,
1-22-12 Ogawa Higashi-cho, Kodaira, Tokyo
Bridgestone Software Co., Ltd.,
Personnel Recruitment, Human Resource Development Sec., Planning Administration Department
For inquiries Recruitment Personnel,



Screening process

  • 01Submit by clicking the Entry button.After applying, our recruiter will send you information on how to submit the required documents.
  • 02Aptitude testAn aptitude test will be conducted online. Applicants will receive information on how to take the test with a letter of acceptance or rejection.
  • 03Individual
    interview(Will be held twice)
    Applicants will have an individual interview with two interviewers.
  • 04Informal job offerApplicants will receive an informal job offer in a letter of acceptance. After that, written consent must be submitted.

Frequently asked questions

Can you make special arrangements for the date of joining the company?

We will do our best to accommodate your request for the date of joining the company after a hiring decision is made. However, we may not be able to accommodate the request if the job opening must be filled immediately.

Are there dormitories for single employees and corporate housing?

The company rents properties in the vicinity to offer as a dormitory for single employees. The rent amount is about JPY 12,000 monthly. Although we do not offer corporate housing, a housing allowance is offered to eligible employees.
*The residents of dormitories for single employees must meet certain conditions.

As a company, how is CSR addressed?

Please check the following section to find a summary of our CSR activities.
Clickhere to learn about CSR.