Positive Action

Cosmos Club

With an operative theme of creating a workplace where female employees can work with energy and longevity, various initiatives are being pursued to help promote the active involvement of female employees and gather female employees together across different departments. This gathering is called the Cosmos Club, the name of which was chosen to embody the harmonious nuances conveyed by the flower with the harmonious philosophy of work-life balance (an initial key phrase of the program). Below are some of the primary activities of the program.

Women's Seminars

An annual seminar by lecturers invited from outside the Company is held for female employees.

To provide the opportunity to reflect on information necessary for female employees to continue working with energy and longevity, and to facilitate workplace communication and work-life balance.

Year Held Year Held
2010 Upgrading Your Future Self! Energy and Communication!
2011 Makeup Therapy and Career Design—Your Mind and Your Face Are Linked
2013 Understanding Work Styles for Women—Working in Cooperation
2014 Enlivening Groups and People! Principles of Self-Control for a Virtuous Feedback Cycle!
2015 Producing Results and Getting Home On Time—Work-Life Balance as the Key
2016 Communication that raises work productivity—Trust comes from a bit of consideration

Employee Interviews About Leisure Time

Employees are were interviewed about how they spend their leisure time, with pictures and the interview articles content with pictures are posted to our internal portal site.

Employees were interviewed about how they spend their leisure time, with pictures and the interview content posted to our internal portal site.
To help employees continue to create work-life balance suited to their own circumstances by learning about the various life styles of their co-workers. As of January 2017, interviews with15 employees had been posted.

Company-wide Surveys

Surveys with specified themes are carried out for all Company employees, with relevant information posted to our portal site.

To raise employee awareness of their work. Information is shared about the childcare and family care leave systems in order to further their utilization.

Example survey topics
・Our system promoting fathers' participation in childrearing
・Time management/efficiency skills
・Refreshing your spirits
・Utilizing time during your commute
・Daylight saving time

Discussion for Female Employees

The discussions provide provide opportunities for women of similar age to gather together across Company departments and discuss their ideal career plans, present concerns, etc.

To provide a bottom-up activity to bring individual opinions to the Company's attention

Keywords from the Discussion
・Conditions for continuing work
・Working while also raising a child
・Role models for female employees