Work-Life Balance

Programs for Supporting Work-Life Balance

Bridgestone Software continues to adapting its employment environment to support employees balancing their careers with childcare and nursing care. For more specific, we have adopted the various and flexible systems which are as follows.

Program Overview
Maternity Leave Pregnant employees are eligible for 6 weeks of leave (14 weeks in case of twins, triplets, etc.) before childbirth and 8 weeks of leave after childbirth.
Childcare Leave Employees are eligible for leave until the end of March (extendable to the end of April) of the year which their child reached 18 months of age, or until their child is reached 2 year of age, whichever has a longer time span. Allowing an additional six months of leave if enrolment into a nursery is not possible. Employee is eligible to leave at most, until their child is reach 2 years and 7 months old.
Shorter Working Hours Allowing employee work time to be reduced by 3 hours at most.
・For childcare: possible until the employee's child begins junior high school
・For family care: possible until the family member's condition improves
・Others: also possible to be taken during pregnancy
Long-term Family Care Leave Allowing employee to provide nursing care without retiring from the Company when a spouse, direct relative, or collateral relative is in need of care. Can be taken for a total 365 cumulative days (continuous or segmented)
Family Care Leave An employee is eligible for long-term family care leave.
・They can leave for half a day for a maximum period of 10 days a year (for one family)
・Annual time off that can be saved for nursing care: 40 days maximum
Nursing Care Leave Until the child reaches the age to start Middle School, allowing an employee to tend to their children in case of injury, illnesses, vaccinations, hospital exams, etc. this leave is eligible to use for a maximum period of 10 days a year (for one person).
Family Support Leave Allowing an employee to leave in case of nursing a family members, attend their child’s school events, rest during pregnancy , or receiving a fertility treatment for a maximum leave period of 5 days a year (annual leave also possible to be used on this system (program)).
Volunteering Leave Allowing employee to leave for a volunteer work, with a maximum period of 5 days a year (annual leave is also possible to be used on this system (program)).
Childcare Leave Allowing employee to handle childrearing until their children is reaching three years of age, with a maximum period of 40 days from the annual leave.
Welcome Back Allowing an employee to re-enter the Company after retiring for childrearing, family care, or had to move due to spouse work related issues.
Flexi-time Allowing an employee to follow a flexible time table for completing the required work hours without having to specifically be at the office at fixed hours.
Long Service Leave On 1st April of every year, Employees with 20 years or more of continuous service (but fewer than 21 years) are given a 5-days holiday and a stipend of 100,000 yen for travel fees.

Effort to Support Dual Responsibilities (Work-Life Balance)

Consultations are held between an employee and their supervisor before and after an employee returns to work, in order to discuss the most comfortable work style for the employee. An internal social network system has also been set up so that employees on childcare leave can stay abreast of (up to date about) activity in the Company, and communication options are provided so that employees on leave can stay in contact with the Company.

Program Utilization Rate (%)
Pre- and Post-Childbirth Leave 2016 100%
Childcare Leave 2016 100%
Shorter Working Hours 2016 100%

Childcare Facilities within the Company

As a part of the effort to establishing a working environment that supports diversity, Bridgestone constructed the Bridgestone Kodaira Childcare Center (Korokoro Childcare Center) in 2008. From 2009, the Childcare Center has been open to all Group companies, allowing Bridgestone Software employees to use this facility.

Initiatives with regard to the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children

As a company that supports the raising of children, Bridgestone Software Co., Ltd. earnestly comes to grips with helping reconciling work and childrearing and received Kurumin certification for the second time, with the first time in 2014. In addition, among the companies that have already received Kurumin certification, in 2017, Bridgestone Group was the first to receive the special Platinum Kurumin certification that is given to companies that undertake activities at an even higher level. Based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, we forumulated a General Business Operator Plan of Action and are proceeding with filling out our initiatives. In 2017 we held our fifth Children's Visitation Day, where children of employees visit their parents' workplaces and had an average annual paid holiday usage rate of 84%. We are aiming to have everyone use 60% or more and are proceeding with promoting this.

Holding a “Bring Your Child to Work” Day

Twenty children participated in the 2017 Children's Visitation Day