CSR Policy

The Bridgestone Group conducts our daily business activities in a way that increases the overall level of our CSR activities based on our belief that CSR is at the heart of management itself. These CSR initiatives help the Bridgestone Group achieve its ideal state.These pages introduce some examples of our CSR activities.

The Bridgestone Group's Respect for Diversity

The Bridgestone Group provides a working environment in which individuals who have diverse values and personalities can work comfortably and demonstrate their abilities.
To make this possible:

・We recognize and respect diversity of culture and customs in each country of the world.
・We sympathize with ideas from diverse viewpoints of diverse persons and create new value.
・We establish a system in which employees can perform their duties with peace of mind and demonstrate their abilities to the fullest across the various stages of their lives.

And finally, we focus all of these efforts on “improving employees' satisfaction,” “activating and improving the Company,” and “increasing stakeholders' profits.”