Providing a Workplace for Diverse Employees

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

Bridgestone Software is steadily working to meet targets to employ the legally required number of people with disabilities.
These employees are not limited to positions designed for disabled individuals, but are also active in a variety of posts, such as systems engineers, administrative assistants, etc.
Bridgestone Software's ratio of people with disabilities was 3.0% as of January 2015.

Hiring people with disabilities: Introducing some of our employees

Promoting Employment of Non-Japanese Employees

Bridgestone Software does not discriminate based on nationality with regard to its overall hiring practices. Having a diverse array of human resources allows for new ideas and perspectives to emerge. This, in turn, leads to the creation of new value. The Bridgestone Group's business spreads across regions around the world and the involvement of our non-Japanese employees continues to grow greater and greater.

Employees have been hired from:
Russia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam

Re-employing Employees after Retirement

Bridgestone Software has adopted an employee rehiring program applicable to all employees who reach retirement age. This system allows employees approaching retirement at age 60 to continue working for a fixed period after retiring. In principle, contracts can be renewed until an employee reaches the age at which he or she starts to receive full payments through the Employee’s Pension Insurance program. (As of 2014)
Of the two employees who took age-related retired between January and December 2014, both employees were re-hired.