Local Environmental Beautification

Community Service

As part of the Bridgestone Group, Bridgestone Software participates in clean-up activities in the Kodaira area. Groups of employees rotate once a month to pick up trash and helping the locals to beautify the neighborhood.

Summer Evening Festival

Bridgestone Software has its own booth at the annual Bridgestone Summer Evening Festival , to which local neighbors are invited. Our booth offers shooting gallery which is popular enough with the local kids to draw a line every year.

Education Services

As part of Bridgestone Software's contributions to the local community, junior high school students from Kodaira city are invited several times a year to experience what it’s like to work at our company. Mainly led by the young employees, a total of 30 students were invited between January 2012 and December 2014.

Through on-site work experience, teaching junior high school students what it is like to be a system engineer
Teaching students about business manners

Students use robots which it actions was already specified by software programs and get a taste of systems engineering. Students will also listen to requests from employees playing the role of a customer, and propose some solutions after consulting with their supervisors. If the "customer" is agree with the proposed solutions, then the commands will be built into a software programs. After inputting the new program information, students will have to check whether the robots perform the correct movements, then deliver the finished product to the "customer".

・Testimonial From the Students who Participated
"I thought that a systems engineer just work in front of the computer all the time, but I was surprised to see how much communication actually occurs with customers or any other party who was involved"
"I had to re-do the programming again and again, but was really happy when I finally got it completed."
"It was a joy to have a happy customer when we delivered the robot to them."