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Message from the President

Message from President

Contributing to the Bridgestone Group’s business through IT

Bridgestone Software was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation in April 1986. Bridgestone, our parent company, has set forth “Serving Society with Superior Quality” as its corporate mission. Bridgestone Software, the only information systems subsidiary in the Bridgestone Group, naturally plays a part in this mission, and we contribute to the expansion of business and streamlining of operations of individual Group companies utilizing IT services.
Our work consists of “offense” through which we will continue to contribute to investigation and implementation of new business models aimed at maximization of customer value and competitive advantage and “defense” through which we maintain stable business operations, including security. By providing both these aspects, we make possible more strategic utilization of IT, going beyond rationalization and streamlining to include innovation and creation of new business models.

Increasing the platforms for our activities

The two directions of “digital innovation” and “global” have been set forth as the platforms for Bridgestone Software’s future activities. Although already underway, there is a need for further promotion.
“Digital innovation” means that corporations utilize digital technology and digitized information to transform their business and operations and create new value that could not be realized in the past. In the manufacturing sector, initiatives are underway to bring about the smart factory that integrates the internet with the production line and translate information collected from the production frontline into operational streamlining and quality enhancement. In the sales sector, we are promoting digital marketing and ultimately aim for a system that allows access to sales channels from everywhere. Furthermore, in the service sector, in addition to utilizing the IoT to identify tire usage and needs and making use of this information in product development and improvement, it is expected to provide optimum and necessary services for customers, products, and businesses.
The trend of system integration and optimization is the same in the “global” direction of our activities. Bridgestone Software has contributed to the Group’s global expansion in the past, but we are now promoting business expansion and integration of systems in each country, building a global information sharing network.

Harnessing the intelligence of every single employee
to enhance our organizational strength and comprehensive capabilities

Human resources are more important than anything else in order to continue this evolution. At Bridgestone Software, we foster an organizational climate in which every single employee can work actively towards their goals as an IT professional.
In the development of human resources, we provide plenty of practical arenas tailored to abilities with the aim of upgrading the skills of our employees. Young employees actively absorb the latest IT technologies and deepen their knowledge of business operations at the same time as refining their project management capabilities as they become mid-level and veteran employees. We value the roles that match each career stage and enhance our organizational strength and comprehensive capabilities by harnessing the intelligence of all our employees.

Leading the Group’s business innovation

Bridgestone Software, which is the only information systems subsidiary in the Group, has played a major role in supporting Group-wide operations through IT. However, in a further step forward, we are now expected to play the role of more actively proposing Bridgestone Group-wide optimization and streamlining with a comprehensive view of operations. Going forward, we will continue rising to even more challenges with our spirit of leading the Group’s business innovation.