BSW's Business

Overseas Affiliates System

Bridgestone Software's work on the Overseas Affiliates System entails system development and maintenance of a system for overseas affiliated companies that are expanding Bridgestone's business on a global scale. The standardized core operation system, called RAS, supports core business—everything from marketing, to accounting, sales, and logistics—for Bridgestone sales companies and plants, primarily in Asian regions.

A System Supporting Core Business Operations at Sales Companies and Plants in the Asia Pacific and the Middle and Near East Regions

Due to the globalization of business, Bridgestone Software also must develop integrated information systems to support core operations at overseas affiliates. With Bridgestone expanding its business on a global scale, it comprises a large number of overseas sales companies and plants, particularly focused on Asian regions.

To date, Bridgestone Software has installed systems in Singapore, Dubai, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Russia. Plans calls for adding India as well. The number of sales companies and plants in Asian regions is expected to increase and responding to their core business needs can be described as the operational mission of the Overseas Affiliates System.

Shortening Installation Times and Reducing Costs with a Rollout Model

The RAS (R3 Reliable Advanced System) provided by Bridgestone Software is a core business system based on SAP's ERP software package. RAS's greatest advantage is that it offers a Rollout model. Since Bridgestone Software thoroughly understands Bridgestone's business, it is possible to standardize solutions through templates customized to sales and logistics for Bridgestone's products.

Since business practices differ by country overseas, so development of new core business systems requires enormous amounts of time and cost. However, SAP's Rollout model allows us to quickly understand which modules should be customized. In addition, our increasingly extensive installation experience has allowed us to build up an efficient installation work flow, meaning substantial savings in terms of time and money.

Contributing to IT Development in Asian Regions through a "Compilation" of Expertise

RAS's standardization features successfully save time and cost during installation, though highly specific customization is sometimes necessary depending on the sales company or plant. In such cases, add-ons (extensions adding functionality to the software) are utilized. Normally, add-ons are newly designed to match user requirements. Bridgestone Software, however, is working to standardize add-ons. We are aiming not only to reap the benefits of quicker installation and lower costs, but also to minimize chances of trouble by reducing the number of parts requiring specification changes.

RAS can be called a "compilation" containing Bridgestone Software's accumulated expertise from building, managing, and operating the systems that are part of our Overseas Affiliates Systems. In the future, we will further fortify the Rollout model as we pursue our mission to contribute to the global IT development of the Bridgestone Group.