BSW's Business

Business Core System

The core systems that support the fundamental business of Bridgestone are comprised of the PLM (Product Life Cycle Management)-centered Systems, which are for product planning, tire design, etc., the SCM (Supply Chain Management)-centered Systems, which are for product manufacturing, logistics, marketing and sales, etc., and the Administrative-centered Systems, which are for finances, accounting, procurement, etc.
We develop and operate these systems.

Development of the Three Core Systems Supporting Bridgestone's Business

At Bridgestone Software, we carry out development of the three core systems that support the Bridgestone Group's business fundamental.

・Product Life Cycle Management System (PLM System)
This is a group of linked systems that support everything from product planning to design, prototype production, mass production, plant machinery management, and plant production. In addition, it includes a QA system for quality support, which collects customer opinions and is involved with feedback, etc. on planning and design.

・Supply Chain Management System (SCM System)
This system is consisted of group of systems which support product manufacturing, marketing and sales, inventory management, and logistics related business activity. Especially, marketing and sales related system which includes system that responding to multiple channels. It also incorporates systems for simulating production quantities which will be used by the PLM systems.

・Administrative System
This system is consisted of group of systems which support Bridgestone's back office divisions. This includes systems which related to finance, accounting, procurement, HR, and labor, as well as the operation of Bridgestone’s portal site, and more.

PLM System supports Bridgestone Tire R&D, Planning, Design, and Production

Bridgestone offers a wide range of tires, including those for passenger vehicles, light duty trucks, trucks and buses, aircraft, construction and mining vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles, etc. At Bridgestone Software, we build the systems which will be used by each tire development division and production plant.
For example, CAD system which create a new product designs and technical drawings, analytic system such as simulations for basic research on technology development and raw materials, and design process system that support actual tire design. All of these are actively deployed in Bridgestone's Technical Center . In addition, we also build and install systems that carry out production planning and Manufacturing Execution (production management, inventory control, etc.) at tire plants inside and outside Japan. Moreover, we also produce M2M (Machine to Machine) systems for managing production equipment. These systems help Bridgestone group to increasing product quality and productivity.

SCM System strengthen competitiveness across the overall Supply Chain

In order to provide the right products at the right time in the right place to our customers, our SCM system links sales, production logistics, and production, and build consistent system platforms across the entire supply chain.
These systems are the keystone for supply and demand adjustments, using sales and inventory information, in order to determine production volume where production logistics overlaps with the PLM systems. The production logistics system, which was renewed in 2013, relieves supply chain bottlenecks and enables a framework for supplying products in response to sales demands.
The sales and marketing system has three channels: direct demand, replacement, and export. The direct demand channel are used for supplying tires to automobile makers, the replacement channel are used for supplying replacement tires to customers through Bridgestone’s retail branches, and the export channel are used for supplying products to Bridgestone’s overseas hubs. At present, we are broadly overhauling Bridgestone’s DOT (Dealer & Branch Online Terminal) system which the replacement channel will use (see Domestic Affiliates System).
Bridgestone Software is also involved with the development of the Global Mid-term Management Plan System for formulating the Bridgestone Group’s Mid-term Management Plan . The Global Mid-term Management Plan System fulfills a significant role in formulating the Mid-term Management Plan by running simulations to forecast operations for five years to come.
In order to expand the SCM system, we are stride to bringing production logistics and inventory management system to each of Bridgestone’s branches in Asia.

Administrative System supports Finance, Accounting, Procurement, HR, Labor, etc.

Our administrative systems, based on SAP's ERP (enterprise resource planning) software package, includes SAP105 (a system for finance, accounting, and procurement) , BRIGHT (a system for HR and labor management), and ONE-B (Bridgestone’s portal site).
SAP105 is the result of integration between the SAP systems which was installed at the Bridgestone parent and Group companies on January 2013, which increased the efficiency of administrative tasks by unifying financial, accounting, and other processes across the Group.
BRIGHT is an HR and labor management system which now is being re-built and planned to be release in the autumn of 2015. In addition to its newest version, a function to quickly response to revisions in legal regulations will be added. The system is being designed to be highly flexible in order to handle future increases in the globalization of Bridgestone’s business.
ONE-B is the name of Bridgestone’s portal site, it stands for One Bridgestone . The portal allows employees to view the most up-to-date information related to general affairs, complete internal workflow payments and adjustments, read documents, and communicate through an SNS.