BSW's Business

Promotion of Digital Innovation

Our projects working on the promotion of digital innovation survey and evaluate the latest technologies from the world of IT to find the seeds of technologies that will lead to greater support for work and sales. In recent years, the projects are also actively engaged in the introduction of architectures and development technologies/processes suited to new domains that prioritize high-speed development and continuous delivery, known as Mode 2 and Systems of Engagement (SoE). Another key role involves education and improvement concerning standard development templates in the company's systems development. These development templates enable greater efficiency and speed in systems development.

Evaluating the World's IT Technology and Using It in the Bridgestone Group

Bridgestone Software, which handles the development and operation of systems within the Bridgestone Group, discerns the latest technology trends in the IT world and the needs of Group companies in order to continuously seek optimization and new possibilities for systems.

Specifically, we participate in domestic and overseas forums held by vendors and leverage our network of contacts in the IT world to survey and research the latest technologies. In addition, we perform technology and process verification on specific themes such as big data, AI, ML, Cognitive Services, public clouds, and DevOps.

We screen the identified technologies on the basis of our future needs, adoption costs, time required for implementation, system reliability, and other factors, and further test those with potential validity.

Toward Greater Uses for Smart Device Apps

Recently, we have developed and tested a smartphone and tablet PC app to promote digital innovation. The app is specifically designed for the Bridgestone Open Golf Tournament, a golf tour hosted by Bridgestone and planned and organized by Bridgestone Sports.

We created the app to pursue new ways of enjoying the golf tournament, to deliver information at the venue, and to test its potential as a marketing medium. It incorporates functions including the display of athletes' locations, and control of score bulletins within and outside the venue, linked to television broadcast times. The technology that we verify through the app is expected to see use in varied work, including market surveys of shops using smartphones and tablet PCs, sales promotions using beacon functions, and service improvements combining image analysis technology.

â– Delivered information
Tournament news, score bulletins, pairings,
player information, player location information, event information, current location of the user, etc.

Working to Boost System Quality and Shorten Development Times by Standardizing Development Templates

Bridgestone Software creates original development templates in response to the systems development and other needs of Group companies, in order to offer more secure systems with greater speed and quality.

These design templates are created on the basis of the .NET Framework, and serve as internal standard specifications for systems development within Bridgestone Software. By eliminating personal idiosyncrasies and redundant tasks in programming, the templates considerably increase the speed of development.

Additionally, to make the development templates ubiquitous, we carry out training in all departments within the company and the department in charge of template development offers development support.