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Domestic Affiliates System

The Domestic Affiliates System is a development and maintenance system for administrative support for the Bridgestone Group's retail branches and tire sales in Japan. We are working on renewing systems related to sales, primarily focused on replacing tires, while also working on systems related to non-tire business areas as we continue to respond to the next generation business challenges.

Developing and Maintaining System Focusing on Sales and Production

The Domestic Affiliates System are engages in development and maintenance of a system which mainly handling tires and various other products domestic sales. Nowadays, we are going to renew the Bridgestone’s DOT (Dealer & Branch Online Terminal) which is a system mainly to support a tire replacement, working on Bridgestone’s SAPCO (Sales Promotion Computer System), which is a software package supporting the administrative tasks of Bridgestone’s tire retailers, and also working on restructuring Bridgestone’s domestic sales system for Bridgestone’s various other products.
Even if it’s called “Domestic Affiliates”, but because exporting product is also a part of Bridgestone’s business, we also trying to include global perspective into the Domestic Affiliates System.

Renewing Bridgestone’s DOT System to Suit Modern Day Business

The DOT System is a sales support and management system for retail companies and offices who engage in tire sales (mainly to customers who need to replace their tires). This system has supported Bridgestone’s tire sales from mainframe computers era to the SAP era. As a platform which was based on sales approach from 30 years ago, it is needs to be modified so it can have the flexibility which is needed to keep up with the business speed nowadays. The on-going DOT overhaul is implementing a new concept encompassing the future of domestic tire sales, with full operation slated on August 2017.

SAPCO is an administrative support system for tire retailers. Bridgestone's domestic sales network includes various franchise stores. SAPCO is a software package created to offer overall support for these retailers, from revenue management, customer management, and purchasing/inventory management. At Bridgestone Software, we respond to the inquiry from retailers and offer various kind of support, such as system installation at retail branches, and lectures on system operations. 2017.

Possibilities to Expand from Various Kinds of Products and Business Area

Our Domestic Affiliates System does not only handle tires. Bridgestone has various non-tire business segments that include various kinds of chemical industrial products, such as infrastructure materials like seismic isolation rubber and resin pipes, and a variety of other products. We are restructuring Bridgestone’s sales & marketing systems and production management systems to accommodate the business area which is expected to expand in the future.
The variety of Bridgestone’s products extends beyond chemical industrial products. There’s also Bridgestone’s bicycle, sporting goods, and other businesses. Nowadays, we are trying to build a system for those business segments to support its accounting, sales, and logistic which based on SAP then installed it on Bridgestone’s core business systems.
From the variety of Bridgestone’s business, it can be seen that the Domestic Affiliates System handles a broader range of business areas than its name suggests. From now on, it would also covering fields which containing hidden possibilities for Bridgestone’s business expansion.