BSW's Business


Our infrastructure projects entail the complete handling of platform systems for the Bridgestone Group, which includes building, managing, and operation IT infrastructure, as well as managing terminals and the e-mail system. By using advanced IT knowledge to operate high quality infrastructure networks, while maintaining and managing servers and digital systems, our work supports the improved efficiency and performance of Group companies.

Aiming for Operational Efficiencies and Greater Performance through IT Infrastructure Management

IT is an indispensable aspect of modern business, but it is more than merely the presence of computer terminals; it is necessary to be able to use those computers meaningfully. Bridgestone Software believes that building high quality digital infrastructure, having functioning core systems and applications matched to business tasks, and ultimately tying these into increased efficiency and performance also raises the value of IT.

At Bridgestone Software, we have been building and operating BSHIWAY (the Bridgestone Information Super Highway) and also provide WIN (our Worldwide Information Network), which offers both speed and robust security for Bridgestone’s main overseas hubs and development centers. In addition, we maintain the digital infrastructure supporting the computer network within the Bridgestone Group, and provide optimal operation and maintenance of servers and host computers handling massive amounts of data. These comprise the main activities of our infrastructure projects.

BSHIWAY—An Infrastructure Network Connecting Group Companies Nation-Wide

The infrastructure network internally linking the Bridgestone Group is called the BSHIWAY. The BSHIWAY has a long history and started providing infrastructure under this name in 1994. It has grown in scale, along with the growth of the importance of IT, since the time when the idea of leveraging IT for business first started to become commonplace. At present, it links the Group's servers and client terminals with our data centers, and carries an immense amount of digital information every day.

Since the speed of the evolution of IT technology is accelerating year by year, business infrastructure and core systems naturally must not fall behind. The mission and significant purpose of our infrastructure projects is to continually maintain and manage Bridgestone's digital infrastructure, ensure the optimal condition of core systems and networks used by each Group company, and bring about increases in usability and business efficiency.

Providing a Safe and Comfortable Business Environment by Supporting Daily Operations

As times change, so do the ways in which computers are used. At one time, we used individual pieces of hardware for specific work tasks, arranging this hardware into systems intended to make work more efficient and reduce or eliminate the need for human operators. This style of individually optimized systems is called a "silo" approach.
Technology has progressed, bringing the virtualization of servers, storage, and networks. Large system platforms are built to integrate these elements, with a great deal of work completed on them in ways that utilize computing resources with little to no waste. Bridgestone Software's infrastructure projects also provide this type of private cloud environment.

In the process, substantial efforts have been made to prevent information leaks and virus infections. Our infrastructure projects, which compiles information, prevents accidents, and tests and supports measures including the Disaster Response Plan (DRP) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP), can be called the lifeline of the Bridgestone Group through its support of Bridgestone's IT infrastructure.